Lesson 20 JCC assembly instruction

2023-01-21   ES  

MySQL has a storage type called MediumBlob, which can be used to store other files such as binary formats.
Upload: Turn from the picture format to a binary format, and then store in the database.
download: Get the picture from the database to the binary format, and then convert it into a picture format.

import pymysql

'' ' 
 Establish a binary mode of the table statement ID title picture 
 Create Table Pictures (PID Int Primary Key Auto_increment, Ptitle Varchar (255), Picturesbyte Mediumblob) 
 '' '
# connection database
conn = pymysql.connect(
# get a cursor object that can execute SQL statements
cursor = conn.cursor()

# Upload pictures to the database
def uploadPicture(picturePath, PTitle):
    # Read the picture and save it into binary
    picture = open(picturePath, 'rb')
    pictureByte = picture.read()
    # Insert binary files into the database
    query = 'insert into Pictures(PTitle,PicturesByte) values(%s,%s)'
    values = (PTitle, pictureByte)
        # execute SQL statement
        cursor.execute(query, values)
        # Submit to the database execution
        print("\ 033 [37; 41M upload photos successfully \ 033 [0m")
        # As long as the execution is unsuccessful, roll back

# download pictures to local
# ID: ID of the picture
# savepictureName: The preserved path defaults to the current directory
def downloadPicture(id, savePath=''):
    # Take data from the database
    query = 'SELECT PTitle,PicturesByte FROM Pictures where PId=%s'
    values = (id)
    # 19 19
    cursor.execute(query, values)
    titleAndPicture = cursor.fetchone()  # Picture and title
    pictureName = titleAndPicture[0]  # Title
    picture = titleAndPicture[1]  # Picture
    pictureFile = savePath + pictureName + '.png'  # Picture path+file name+suffix
    # Write binary data into pictures
    writePicture = open(pictureFile, 'wb')
    # Start writing data
    # Close and write
    print("\ 033 [37; 41m download successfully! \ 033 [0m")

if __name__ == '__main__':


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Lesson 20 JCC assembly instruction

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