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#pragma Mark Calculating Text Size (single -line text) 
 - (CGSIZE) AutoSizeofsignellinetext: (NSSTRING *) Text Font: (UIFONT *) FONT 
     Cgsize textsize = [Text Sizewithattributes:@{nsfontattributename: font}]; 
     Return TextSize; 

 #Pragma Mark Calculating UILABEL size (single -line text) 
 - (CGSIZE) AutoSizeofsignellinelabel: (Uilabel *) label 
     Cgsize textsize = [label.text Sizewithattributes:@{nsfontattributename: label.font}]; 
     Return TextSize; 

 #Pragma Mark Calculating UILABEL size (multi -line text) 
 // Uilabel's numberoflines set to 0 to 0 
 //label.numberoflines = 0; // Any line of line 
 - (CGSIZE) AutoSizeofmultipleLineLabel: (Uilabel *) label 
     Cgsize textsize = [label.text boundingrectwithsize: cgsizemake (self.View.frame.size.width, FLT_MAX) 
                                             Attributes:@{nsfontattributename: label.font} 
                                                context: nil] .size; 
     Return TextSize; 


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