Python Anaconda2 Install OpenCV2’s vast water

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Record a pit that you have stepped on many times. Basically, if you upgrade the PIP, you will not be installed without paying attention to it.

prompt pip version too low, always subconsciously inputpip install –upgrade pip==xx.xx.xx, the error reported by the happy hearing (the following figure is taking the level as an example, the same result with this code is also the same).
Report an error:

Error: Could not instant packages due to an environmenterror: [Winerror 5] Reject access. : ‘E: \ Anaconda3 \ scripts \ pip.exe’
Consider using the --user option or check the permissions.

Then add another time to try. Try again.
Continue to report an error:

Cannot open E:\Anaconda3\Scripts\

Obviously only add only one -USER, because at the time of upgrading, not only failed installation, but also uninstalled the original PIP.

Uninstalling pip-20.2.3:

According to a lot of posts found online, a code can be solved, as follows:

easy_install pip

This is really useful, but I do n’t run directly every time I run. The result is as shown below.


error: Couldn’t find a setup script in C:\Users\11720\pip

Although the directory where Easy_install.exe is located in the environment variables, it still fails. There is no way, manually jump over.
CD to the scripts folder under the Python installation path, the author used by the author, so it is E: \ Anaconda3 \ scripts

At this point, the problem is solved.

Try it and add -User’s Upgrade, the result is as shown below:

Successful, remember to upgrade the PIP to add -User!

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Python Anaconda2 Install OpenCV2’s vast water

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