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[1] The size of padding and elements

—— Payment -level elements

(1) When width is non -auto, padding will affect the element size

(2) When width is Border-BOX, padding will not affect the element size

(1) horizontal padding affects the size, vertical Padding does not affect the size, but it will affect the space occupied by the background

[2] Padding negative and percentage value

(1) padding does not support negative values

(2) Use padding: 50%; you can achieve a square area

(3) Padding percentage value of Inline level element: Similarly compared to the width calculation, the default high width details are different, and padding will break

[3] The built -in padding of the label element

(1) OL, li element built-in Padding-Left, the unit is PX, not EM (usual web development, set 22-25 PX)

(2) 40 PX under Google Browser

(3) When the font size is small, the spacing will be very open, when the font size is large, the serial number will run outside the container

[4] Form built -in padding of elements

(1) All browser’s input / textarea input box built -in Padding

(2) All browser Button button built -in Padding

(3) Some browser Select X drop -down box built -in Padding, such as Firefox, IE8+ can set padding

(4) All browsers Radio /Checkbox single -repeat

(5) Padding of the Button button element is the hardest control:

[5] Padding and graphic drawing

[6] padding and layout

—— Use a percentage unit to build a fixed proportional layout structure

—— cooperate with Margin to implement an equal high layout

—— two columns adaptive layout


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github access slow solution

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