javascript JS DIV layer drag (compatible with IE6, FF)

2022-12-20   ES  

This tutorial is only for communication and learning, and the copyright of the software development personnel is unintentionally infringed. If there is any inconvenience, please contact this blogger to delete it. Thank you.

1. Put a computer with Chrome.
2. Basic keyboard operation capabilities.

Open the big watermelon link

F12 or

Quote text

H2o is liquid.

210The calculation results are 1024.

Search I.Default.instance.createLevelupFruit’s key fields, and make breakpoints for each row, just click the line number

Input the following command

i.default.Instance.createLevelUpFruit(10, n.node.position)

Click on the upper right corner of the console to start sign

Test of the author, this game has a maximum of three large watermelons, otherwise all watermelon will disappear and force the settlement score.

Creation is not easy, please reprint the famous source!


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javascript JS DIV layer drag (compatible with IE6, FF)

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