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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openssh-server


If the linux system runs in the docker container, thenneed to execute this step on the host. Visit the port of the Docker host directly (the port is mapped to port 22 of this container).
docker run --name lianxi -d -p 7000:22 -p 7001:5050 nginx
will check the IP address in the host, and use the IP address and the 7000 port to access the container


If it appearsbash: ipconfig: command not found

may be that the system does not have an ipconfig. At this time

yum install upgrade 
 yum install net-times 
 Sudo Apt-get update 
 SUDO APT-get install net-times

and then you can view the IP address

At this step, you can set the password of the root account directly, or you can add a new user

Modify the user password

passwd username

If other users are not set at this time, then the Login is accessible through SSH.

1.vim /etc/sshd/ssh_config

2. Payed it according to i,

The NO afterPermitRootLoginis changed toyes

Add users

useradd username

Modify the user password

passwd username

sudo service sshd start

I will appear heresshd: unrecognized serviceerror, the online solution is invalid, the author simply use it directlysudo service ssh startNo other problems have been found at present, as for the specific reason unknown

[email protected]:/# sudo service ssh start
[ ok ] Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd.

service ssh status

[email protected]:/# service ssh status
[ ok ] sshd is running.

SSH service has been started

2022.10.25 Supplement:
Inputps -e |grep ssh-> Enter -> There is SSHD, indicating that the SSH service has been started
If you do not start, enter the “Service SSH Start” -> Enter -> SSH service will start

First enter the/ETC directory, the/ETC directory stores some configuration files, such as Passwd and other configuration files. If you want to log in with SSH remote login, you need to configure the configuration information in the/etc/ssh/ssh/ssh/sshd_config file and edit it with vim. Enter in the command line modevim /etc/ssh/sshd_config, after entering, enter the editing status according to “i”, find and modify in its file:PasswordAuthentication yes , PermitRootLogin yestwo lines can be

After the modification is completed, you need to restart the SSH service

Sudo Service SSH RESTART 
 # Service SSH Start/Stop/Restart/Status // Start/stop/restart/status

If it is a container, use host IP+corresponding container No. 22 to access the host port

Otherwise, access to port No. 22 through the IP in the step 2.

For example, use XSHELL software


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POJ 2762 (Weak Unicom: Qiang Liantong+Shining point+topology sorting) Weiguang

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