CSS allows a DIV horizontal vertical to live in China Law

2023-01-23   ES  

vim exists in three modes: command mode, editing mode, last line mode

command mode: In this mode, you cannot edit files directly, you can enter commands, such as: copy, paste, etc. (Default mode)
Edit mode: Edit documents can be performed in this mode
Last line mode: You can input commands in the last line to operate the file, such as: search, replacement, preservation, exit, etc.

vim to open the four ways to open the file

① VIM file path function: open the specified file
Exit:: Q Enter

② vim Digital file pathway: Open the specified file and move the cursor to the specified line

③ vim +/keyword file pathway: open the formal file, and highlight the highlight display of the keywords
④ VIM file path 1 File path 2 File path 3 Action: Open multiple files at the same time


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CSS allows a DIV horizontal vertical to live in China Law

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