Unity Ugui dynamically add Itemugui dynamic creation element Tears


UNITY Ugui Dynamic adding item, pay attention to setting the LocalScale of the Item, otherwise it will be deformed

Public void Initshopitem () 
        FOREACH (KeyValuePair <T, EquipshopiteMData> KV in DataS) 
            GameObject item = Instantiate (ShopiteMPREFAB); 
            item.transform.Setparent (ShopiteMparent); 
            // Set local zoom size to eliminate deformation 
            item.getComPonent <radttransform> (). LocalScale = New Vector3 (1, 1, 1); 
            ShopiteMui ShopiteMui = item.getComponent <stitemui> (); 
            ITemequipment EQUIITEM = (ITemequipment) BaseItemmangager.instance.getdata (kv.value.Itemid); 
            if (Shopitemui! = NULL) 
                ShopiteMui.Setshopitemui (Equiitem.Itemicon, Equiitem.Itemname, Equiitem.itembuy, EquiitemSlll, Equiitem.Itemid); 


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