Android: Canvas Draw self -rotating bitmap

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Demand and thinking

Need to focus on thisEnd timeWhen you want to show upside down. The idea is to use the settimeout () function.

encountering problems

Database types passed on toIOScannot be correctly analyzed


// Countdown function execute once a second
// The countdown function used EACH to traverse all the time you need to deal with
function daojishi(){
        var end= $(this).html();
        var end_on=formatStr(end);// Solve the problem of incompatibility of iOS mobile phones
        var curtime=new Date();
        var endtime=new Date(end_on);
        var lefttime= parseInt((endtime.getTime()-curtime.getTime())/(1000));
        if (lefttime>0) {
            var day=parseInt(lefttime/(24*60*60));
            var hours=parseInt( (lefttime/(60*60))%24);
            var minutes=parseInt( (lefttime/(60))%60);
            var seconds=parseInt( (lefttime)%60);
            hours  =checkout(hours);
            minutes  =checkout(minutes);
            seconds  =checkout(seconds);
            var title =day+'& nbsp; Sky & nbsp;'+hours+'& nbsp; hours & nbsp;'+minutes+'& nbsp; divided & nbsp;'+seconds+'& nbsp; second & nbsp;';
            var title="Time End"

The time for the database is 2016-06-08 This time is not compatible with an unfarished time format, so the following functions are used to turn it into 2016/06/08


function formatStr(str) {

Thinking of the program

In countdown, use

var curtime=new Date();

This function acquisition is not appropriate for the client time. Modify the local current time to grab things! Intersection Intersection Take the system time and then subtract the results, but the corresponding background processing time will affect the accuracy of the countdown! Intersection So what to do to think!


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Android: Canvas Draw self -rotating bitmap

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