Ubuntu 14.04 1080Ti Install CUDA8 & CUDNN

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private void getFileInfo(String path)
    DirectoryInfo root = new DirectoryInfo(path);
    FileInfo[] files = root.GetFiles();

    foreach (FileInfo f in files)
        bool exists = f.Exists; // Check whether the file exists in a given directory
        string name = f.Name;  // Get the name of the file
        string fullName = f.FullName;  // Get the full limited name of the file (complete path)
        string extensioin = f.Extension;   // Get the expansion name of the file
        string directory = f.Directory.ToString(); // Get the directory where the file is located, the return type is Directoryinfo
        string directoryName = f.DirectoryName;  // The path of the directory where the file is located (complete path)
        bool isReadOnly = f.IsReadOnly;   // Whether the file is only read
        string attributes = f.Attributes.ToString();  // Get or set the attributes of the specified file, and the return type is FileAttributes enumeration, which can be a combination of multiple values
        string length = f.Length.ToString();  // Get the size of the file (number of bytes)
        string creationTime = f.CreationTime.ToString();   // Get the time for the creation of the file
        string lastAccessTime = f.LastAccessTime.ToString(); // Last visit to get the file
        string lastWriteTime = f.LastWriteTime.ToString();   // Get the file last writing operation time

        while (textBox2.Text.Length < 10)
            textBox2.Text = "Check whether the file exists in a given directory:" + exists + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "File name:" + name + "\r\n";
            ///textbox2.appendtext (NVIRONMENT.NEWLINE); //
            textBox2.Text += "Full limited name (complete path):" + fullName + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "File extension:" + extensioin + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "The path of the directory where the file is located (complete path):" + directoryName + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "Whether the file is read only:" + isReadOnly + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "File where the file is located:" + directory + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "File size:" + length + " B\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "File attributes:" + attributes + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "File creation time:" + creationTime + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "The last visit time of the file:" + lastAccessTime + "\r\n";
            textBox2.Text += "The last writing operation time of the file:" + lastWriteTime + "\r\n";

function call

String path = @"E:\WinFormEx";

Running results


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Ubuntu 14.04 1080Ti Install CUDA8 & CUDNN

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