Linux — Windows10+Ubuntu18.04.03 dual system installation (the latest Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13)


There are many related dual -system tutorials on the Internet. It is very detailed. I share my experience of installing Windows 10+ Ubuntu18.04.03 dual systems.


0.window10, the mouse moves to the Win icon in the lower left corner, right -click the mouse, select disk management, and roll out the data (d ūüôā to roll out 100g of memory

1. Download Ultra_iso

Ultra_iso official website download the latest software;

(Note: This software is charged, but as long as Baidu’s registration code is enough, I use Wang Tao‚Äôs registration successfully)

2. Download Ubuntu18.04.3 AMD64, desktop mirror file

8 8 8 8 8:


3. Select Ubuntu mirror file just downloaded in Ultra_iso software (special attention, the premise is best to activate the software)


4. Starts-> Write into the hard disk image

5. Format the U disk first (note that select FAT32, sometimes the formatting start button is gray, you need to rename the name of the U disk, it is best not to include special characters)


6. Set portable startup. I choose to write a new driver guidance sector —- SYSLINUX (this does not need EasyBCD to re-write the GRUB guide file, and you can also set up with GRUB files, set default options and default waiting for waiting Time (follow -up tutorial will follow up))


7. Write into the mirror file


8. Enter the BIOS (restart and hold FN+ F2), set the Secure Boot to Disable, set USB BOOT to enable

Secure Boot can only start the Win8 and above systems, and other systems (including USB, Linux) cannot be started.

9. Restart and enter USB startup, FN+F12, choose the U disk for you to start the launch disk

10. Install the general process of the Ubuntu system, there are specific online, mainly to take screenshots, refer to other tutorials, all the way all the way


10.1 Installation Type Select Something Else

10.2 partition, I reserve 100g

/    ext4    10G  Primary Beginning of this space

swap        8G      

/boot        800M   Logical  Beginning of this space

/Home remaining all logical beginning of this space

10.3 Device for Boot Loader Installation Pay attention to select/boot that disk

(The best writing, the wifi driver is not installed, no wi-fi adapter found, but the wired can be directly connected)

Change the USSTC software source:


sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

replacement content

# The source code warehouse is annotated by default. If necessary, you can cancel the annotation by yourself 
 deb bionic main restricted universe multiverse 
 # deb-src bionic main restricted 
 DEB HTTPS:// bionic- Updates Main REStricted Universe Multivers 
 # deb-src bionic- updates main restricted universe multiverse 
 deb bionic-backports main restricted 
 # deb-src bionic-backports main rest 
 DEB HTTPS:// bionic-security main restricted 
 # deb-src bionic-soCURITY MAINRCTD University 

 # Pre -release software source, it is not recommended to enable 
 # deb bionic-proposed main restricted 
 # deb-src bionic-proposed main restricted universe multivers

How to solve the wifi driver cannot be installed, you can refer to the next blog:

Linux —- Ubuntu 18.04: No Wi-Fi Adapter Found (Latest Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 Intel wireless network card tutorial)


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