Vue-AWSOME-SWIPER installation and CSS introduction problem


Very detailed, pro -test is feasible!

1. Download

network disk download address: link: extraction code:tyuk 

After downloading, decompress the file, you can see the directory structure

Here the SQL files in the SQL directory file are placed in the SQL file of the SQL execution statement. We can go to the local database to create two new databases and name them:ApolloPortalDBand harmonyApolloConfigDB

and then import SQL files.

We can open to view configuration

Here the file is configured with the database connection address configuration. We can configure according to our MySQL account password.

From this seeing Apollo integrates the Eureka registration center, the address of the config_server is the address of Eureka. Ensure that the three ports of the 8080 8090 8070 are not occupied.

2. Start visit

We need to install git locally, and then git to start Apollo

Execute the script through git./ start startup service

Started successfully, let’s visit again

Visit http: // localhost: 8070 uses Apollo configuration center through the interface to enter the user nameapolloPasswordadminlogin.

Use this method does not support the increase of the environment. Only through distributed deployment can the environment be added
The port number of this method cannot be modified, and other computers cannot use the configuration center

Use the self-built project to use the configuration center, here to create the Spring Boot project, create the META-INF directory under Resources, create the file, configure the App.ID = ** and Apollo.meta = http: // localhost: 80800000080 For more specific ways of use, please refer to:Apollo java client usage guide

./ stopStop service

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Vue-AWSOME-SWIPER installation and CSS introduction problem

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