Android realizes monitoring and calling and recording it to the local bamboo forest

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TaskscheDuler module is used to interact with DagscheDuler and is responsible for the specific scheduling and operation of the task. The task scheduling module is based on two Trait: TaskscheDuler and SchedulerBackend.

Taskscheduler: Define the external interface (Submittasks, etc.) for the task scheduling module for DagscheDuler calls.

  • TaskschedulerIMPL is the specific implementation of TaskscheDuler to complete the scheduling of resources and tasks.
  • SCHEDULERBACKEND encapsulates various Backend to interact with the underlying resource scheduling system, and cooperate with TaskscheDulerIMPL to achieve the resource allocation required for task execution.
  • schedulabuilder is responsible for the scheduling of Taskset.
  • tasksetManager is responsible for a task scheduling in a taskset.

schedulerbackend method Reviveoffers

  • 1, filter out the living Executors
  • 2, create a new workeroffer object, call scheduler.Resourceofoffer () allocate resources to each Executor;
  • 3, allocate task to Executor, execute your own Lauchtasks (), send the distributed task to Launchtasks information;

TASK allocation algorithm ResourceOffers

  • Remove Node in the blacklist
  • The available Executor is used for the shuffle, and the load balancing is achieved as much as possible
  • After removing the sortedtasksets from the rootpool
  • For each taskSet, start from the best [localized level] traversing, call ResourceOffersingletaskSet () method
    • Localization level classification:
      • Process_local: Localization of the process, RDD’s Partition and Task enters an Executor, the fastest speed
      • node_local: node localization, RDD’s partition and task are not in an Executor, that is, not in the same process, but on a worker
      • no_pref: indifferent localization level
      • RACK_LOCAL: Localization of the rack, at least the partition of RDD and Task on a rack
      • Any: Any localization level


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Android realizes monitoring and calling and recording it to the local bamboo forest

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