Seven types of sorting and summary

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(1)《ANSYS Fluent User’s Guide3.13.9. EnSight Case Gold Files


We are usingEnsightFluentDuring the post -processing process, it can be imported directlyFluentcasdat, but it is not recommended for this approach, a better way is to bringFluentcalculation results export to

The format ofEnsight, this contains more information, is generating

In theEnsightformat, there are four files generated:

.geoFile files include coordinates and connection information

.velformat files include speed

The file in

.scl1format contains the variables and functions selected when exported

.encasFormat file contains other details of the export file

For data export of transient calculation, before starting calculation, we can use the following method to export the transient calculation result. This method is the easiest, because it can be directly on

The graphic interface ofFluentis completed.

first openFluent, read into the grid file, complete all the solution settings

and then follow the screenshot below for operation

Settings Start calculation after completion. 

If we have completed the calculation, we want to convert the transient result toEnsightformat, then we need toFluentTUIcommand to implement.

UseTUIto implement file conversion, forFluentCalculation resultscasfile and

The commands of thedatfile are all required, if we are onecasfile and multipledatfile, thencasThe first one that needs and savedatFile name is the same

Then we startFluent, enterTUIOperation

and then read automaticallycas, we continue to operate after reading

For convenience, you can write the above process to one

In the script file ofFluent, throughFluentto read the script file to implement the automation of the above process. As for the modification parameters, please refer to the above instructions above

We create one newdemo.jouText file

The content of the text is as follows:

/file/transient-export/ensight-gold-from-existing-files out yes fluent , no no yes , no , , , , velocity-magnitude q



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Seven types of sorting and summary

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