Eureka-Server —— Single section and cluster construction

2022-12-26   ES  

—— switch the project to Android platform

—— Check on Export Project

—— Export project toSpecify under the folder (can only be exported to the folder)

—— Use Andorid Studio to open the project, click to build APK (choose different packaging options according to whether the project has a signature), and wait for the packaging to succeed.

The APK for the default packaging under the project folder — Build — OUTPUTS — APK — Debug — DEBUG.APK
can modify the path and name of the APK configuration of the Gradle configuration

// The name and path of the generated APK file is changed to other places 
 Android.applicationVariants.all {variant-> 
     variant.outputs.all { 
         variant.getpackageApplication (). Outputdirectory = new file ("APK folder") 
         outputFilename = "My APK.APK" 

Note that the path of the APK can only be under the project folder


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Eureka-Server —— Single section and cluster construction

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