[RUST Tiring Notes] Rust basic grammar data type -02

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[Difficulty: Simple]

Given an integer and write a function to determine whether it is the power of 2.

Example 1:


Explanation: 2 0 = 1 2^0 = 1 20=1

Example 2:


Explanation: 2 4 = 16 2^4 = 16 24=16

Example 3:


  • python3 implementation method 1:
class Solution:
    def isPowerOfTwo(self, n: int) -> bool:
        k = 0
        while True:
            if 2**k == n:
                return True
            elif 2**k > n:
            k += 1
        return False

  • python3 implementation method 2: bit operation
class Solution:
    def isPowerOfTwo(self, n: int) -> bool:
		return n > 0 and n & (n - 1) == 0

  • Solution 1:

  • Solution 2:bit operation

Tencent Selected Exercise 50 questions 231. 2 power.

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[RUST Tiring Notes] Rust basic grammar data type -02

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