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For embedded type, there are a lot of learning content. It is really soft and hard. A series of names such as FPGA, DSP, MCU, etc. wait for us to remember, understand, and apply the most widely used DSP in digital electronics. Do you know? Today, I will come and sort out, let everyone have a clear understanding, and proudly say: I have learned to embedded!

What is


DSP (DIGITAL SIGNAL Process), that is, digital signal processing technology, DSP chip, which refers to chips that can realize digital signal processing technology. In recent years, DSP chips have been widely used in areas such as automatic control, image processing, communication technology, network equipment, instruments, and home appliances; DSP provides an efficient and reliable hardware foundation for digital signal processing.

DSP chip’s internal use of the Harvard structure separated by programs and data, has a special hardware multiplier, is widely used in assembly lines to provide special DSP instructions.

DSP’s characteristics, do you know?

DSP chip is a microprocessor with a special structure. The internal of the chip adopts a Harvard structure separated by programs and data, has a special hardware multiplier, and is widely used by assembly line operations to provide special instructions to quickly implement various digital signal processing algorithms.

TMS320X24X series digital signal processor is a new type of programmable DSP chip developed by TI companies -oriented to digital motor control, embedded control systems and digital control systems. LF2407 is the X240X series DSP controller*the most powerful and most complete model on the film. It is widely used in code development, system simulation and practical systems.

Using high -performance static CMOS technology, the power supply voltage is reduced to 3.3V, reducing the power consumption of the controller; the execution speed of 30MIPS has shortened the instruction cycle to 33ns (30MHz), thereby improving the real -time control capacity of the controller.

Two event manager modules EVA and EVB, each includes: two 16 -bit universal timers; 8 16 -bit pulse width modulation (PWM) channels. It is suitable for controlling AC motors, brushless DC motors, step motors and inverters.

The minimum conversion time of

10 A/D converter is 500ns. You can choose to trigger two 8 -channel input A/D converters or a 16 -bit channel input A/D converter.

What are the aspects of


Since the birth of the DSP chip, the DSP chip has developed rapidly. The rapid development of DSP chips benefits from the development of integrated circuits on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also has a huge market. In just over ten years, DSP chips have been widely used in many fields such as signal processing, communication, and radar. The application of the DSP chip is mainly:

signal processing -for example, digital filtering, adaptive filtering, fast Fourier transformation, related operations, spectrum analysis, convolution, etc.

Communication — For example, modem, adaptive balance, data encryption, data compression, backpage offset, multi -road reuse, fax, spread communication, error correction coding, waveform generation, etc.

voice -such as voice coding, voice synthesis, voice recognition, voice enhancement, speaker recognition, speaker confirmation, voice mail, voice storage, etc.

image/graphics -such as dual -dimensional and three -dimensional graphics processing, image compression and transmission, image enhancement, animation, robot vision, etc.

Military -such as confidential communication, radar processing, acceptance, navigation, etc.

Instrument and instrument -such as spectrum analysis, function occurring, locking loop, earthquake processing, etc.

automatic control -such as engine control, deep space, autonomous driving, robot control, disk control.

Medicine -such as hearing aids, ultrasound equipment, diagnostic tools, patient custody, etc.

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python packing tool pyinstaller instructions

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