Adjust Eclipse font size


eclipse fonts have two places, one is the font of the console, and the other is the main window. Here we introduce the adjustment method of the console and the main window font.

    Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts -> Basic -> Text Font -> Edit Spell control bar font size.

    Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts -> Java -> Java Editor Text Font -> Edit adjust the main window font size.

Control tables

This is Eclipse’s default console packet

Next, we adjust the display font of the console

  Window -> Preferences

  General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts -> Basic -> Text Font -> Edit

According to your own needs, the font is adjusted. Here we adjust the font, and then click OK to return to the main window

can see that the font of the console has become larger

Main window font

This currently default main window font size

The font size adjustment method of the main window is similar to the console. Here is different places.

  Java -> Java Editor Text Font -> Edit

Back to the main window, you can see the effect of the font adjustment


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