Caption that Java thread is necessary for dead locks



For Redis and Memcached, I summarized the following four points. Now the company generally use Redis to achieve cache, and Redis itself is getting stronger and stronger!

  1. Redis supports richer data types (supports more complex application scenarios): Redis not only supports simple K/V data, but also provides data structures such as List, SET, ZSET, HASH. Memcache supports simple data types, string.

  2. Redis supports the persistence of data, which can keep the data in the memory in the disk. When restarting, it can be loaded and used again, and Memecache puts all the data in memory.

  3. cluster mode: MEMCACHED does not have a native cluster mode, and needs to rely on clients to implement the data to write data to the cluster; however, Redis is currently supporting the cluster mode.

  4. MEMCACHED is a multi -thread, non -blocking IO reuse network model; Redis uses a single -threaded multi -way IO reuse model.


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Caption that Java thread is necessary for dead locks

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