ROS Study Notes Report Error (1): Publisher and Subscriper’s programming implementation error solution


As a student who can’t afford Mac, but a fruit powder, I want to learn the programming of iOS privately. Xcode needs to be installed on the OS operating system.

In order to install the Mac OS operating system on my little broken Y470, it took a day to install a virtual machine, which is the VMware Workstation 9 that everyone uses. I also encountered some problems during this period, and I will share it here with you.

1, vmware workstation official original version

vmware-workstation-fill mac patch

vmware workstation ( Exquisite Chinese and English bilingual patch

These are all used by everyone, and individuals do not like to use Chinese. (Paranoid))

vmware-workstation-full mac patchis for everyone to have the Apple Mac OS option when choosing a client when choosing a client, that is, the original virtual machine does not support the open Apple operating system.

Unzip the unlock-all-v110 \ os, the file right-click to run as an administrator. It is OK to restart the computer.

2. Some people will ask what the serial number of VMware9 is, and share here: here:




3. When you turn on the virtual power supply, you may find that you cannot run. This is because you have not opened your computer to virtualize the CPU, which can be opened in BIOS.

For most computers, press F2 to enter the Virtualization Technology under the BIOS interface Advance option, set up to enabled.

4. The last question, it’s actually a bit 2.

Virtual machine Settings do not choose the ISO image file when setting. Otherwise, you will be sad when you connect to the virtual machine

Press Enter to start up。。。

andattemping to start up from。。。

Most of them are because you chose the wrong file.
Tell me some usefulness to everyone.
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ROS Study Notes Report Error (1): Publisher and Subscriper’s programming implementation error solution

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