Atmega8, atmega16, the smallest system board, the first praise is here!

2023-01-20   ES  

PUBLIC Class MainAICTIVITITITY Extends AppComPatactivity { 

     Protected void onCreate (Bundle Savedinstancestate) { 
         Super.Oncreate (Savedinstancestate); 
         setContentView (r.Layout.activity_main); 
         // 1 Find the control we care about 
         ListView lv = (listview) FindViewByid (; 
         // Set the data adapter 
         lv.setadapter (New MyAdapter ()); 

     Private Class MyAdapter Extends Baseadapter { 

         public int getCount () { 
             Return 7; 

         Public Object GetITITEM (Int Position) { 
             Return null; 

         Public Long getItemid (int position) { 
             Return 0; 

         Public View GetView (Int Position, View ConvertView, ViewGroup Parent) {{ 
             // 1 Find a way to convert the layout we defined into a view object 
             View view; 
             if (convertView == null) { 
                 /*Create a new View object, you can convert a layout resource into a View object by a pitch 
                     Resource is the layout file we define 
                     1. Get the pitch service 
                     view = view.inflate (getApplicationContext (), R.Layout.item, null); 
                     2. Get the pitch service 
                     View = layoutinflator.from (getApplicationContext ()). Inflate (R.Layout.item, Null); 
                 // 3. Get the airplane service 
                 Layoutinflator inflationer = (layoutinflaater) getSystemService (layout_inflator_service); 
                 View = Inflater.inflate (R.Layout.item, NULL); 
             } else { 
                 // Reuse historical cache objects 
                 view = convertView; 
             Return view; 


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Atmega8, atmega16, the smallest system board, the first praise is here!

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