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Substrate allows you to create customized blockchain by making and integrating different modules. It comes with everything required to build the blockchain. Use the Substrate module to easily create the required content, or make your own custom logic, so thatConstruction of the blockchain is faster, easier and safer than ever before

It has::

  • No need for a hard fork chain upgrade:upgrade blockchain is never so simple. It is easier to upgrade the logic on the upgrade chain and submit a transfer transaction.

  • Webassembly’s cross -language support:webassembly is the next web standard. You can write your blockchain logic in any language, including C / C ++, C #, TypeScript, and Rust, and then compile them to the Webassembly format.

  • Directly compatible with POLKADOT network:Your Substrate blockchain will be compatible with the Polkadot network, so that it can easily become a parallel chain for the Polkadot network and communicate with other chains.

  • Future blockchain:Through the upgrade through the fork -free chain, lightweight client and chain workpiece, your Substrate blockchain has been prepared for the innovation brought by the future web 3.0.

Development Resources

In order to provide a better development experience, we have prepared development resources and guidelines for you, and help you be more familiar with the form of documents, tutorials, and coursesSubstrate andPolkadot, easily create a better hacker project.

1. Give Substrate / POLKADOT early beginner

Here’s thereThe most comprehensive Substrate technical knowledge point explanation

twenty two# . Cover the knowledge points from conceptual introduction to specific code implementation. It is the best place for beginners to understand Substrate.

The tutorial of hand handle,Teach you how to use Substrate to make your own DAPP and interact with the front end of the construction. It can start with the application of this chain.

Parity AISA official engineer and OneBlock+Technology CommunitySubstrate Technology Development Course No. 9 “, online 6 video courses and code operations after each class, take you to learn Substrate from 0 to 1.

Here explainedPolkadot’s part of the behavior and the principles behind.

ExplanationHow to use POLKADOT-JS API to create a client interact with Substrate, Subscribe to the information on the chain.

Function is the most detailedSubstrate Blockchain front end and wallet

The function is detailedSubstrate Blockchain browser

No need to install the development environment, directlyOnline editor compiled Substrate in the cloud

Detailed official guidance document, such as installation methods, commonly used concepts and development guidance. First of all, they are familiar with the content structure as a whole. When you have time, read each section from time to time. If you encounter uncomfortable, you can search Google or write down first, and then ask.

Different tutorials, the sequential order of practice is: Create your first substation chain-> Build a Poe Decentralized Application, and then other tutorials.

Code fragment and explanation for a single knowledge point, is also familiar with the content structure first, and come back to find it when you use it.

js SDK official document Polkadot-JS/API, when you need to write the front UI interface, you need to learn this document in-depth.

Chinese technical information:

2. Give experienced Substrate developers

Here is how to complete certain specific function points on Substrate

3, community

  • POLKADOT official Chinese platform public account

  • Substrate Community Project List

  • Substrate Technical (PUBLIC) Matrix group!

  • Parity support group (support of official engineers)!

  • Parity WaterCooler (chat area)!

4. Ecological Project

The following introduces your imagination for the project introduction in some communities:

  • Acala Network-POLKADOTDEFI platform, facilitates mortgage, exchange, borrowing, lending, earning income.

  • Moonbeam-Developer’s friendly blockchain can achieve API compatibility of EVM and Web3 and connect Moonbeam to the existing Ethereum network bridge.

  • Crust Network -Crust provides the de -Nylonicized storage of the web3 ⽣ state system, holding a variety of storage layer protocols including IPFS, and correspondingly provides a pupae.

  • Phala Network – Based on Tee (Trusty Executive Environment)Trust the privacy computing cloud.

  • Astar  – POLKADOT Ecological Multilateral DAPP Center, Shiden is the pioneer of Astar on the Kusama network.

  • SubQuery -POLKADOT leading data cable suppliers support the index and query between the first -level blockchain and decentralized applications.

  • Litentry -A decentralized identity polymer, based on the blockchain and distributed decentralized identity (DID) verification network based on the Substrate.

  • Manta Network-Pokka’s first chain privacy protection project, through cryptographic technology ZKSNARK provides users with the highest security level chain privacy protection, aiming to become a privacy protection infrastructure.

  • Darwinia Network-BuildingDisted cross -chain bridge network on Substrate. It provides general network bridge solutions, which connect to Polkadot, Ethereum, TRON and other isomer chains through cross -chain asset transfer and general remote chain. mainApplication fields include DEFI, cross -chain NFT trading market, game.

  • Bifrost Finance-forStakingProvide liquidity cross -chain network.

5. Part of the project introduction of the previous hacker pine

  • Apron Network – decentralized network infrastructure. It contains a DAO governance.

  • InkBridge -UseWASM Contract Technology Construction Transit Bridge, sink the multiple public chain (BTC, ETH, etc.) into a platform, not a single application.

  • Deeper Network-DelivenBuild a real decentralized Internet and security gateway. It aims to bring a better Internet experience to each family and become the entrance to the user to the web 3.0 application.

  • Parallel Finance – decentralized lending and mortgage agreement

  • SkypePass – decentralized identity verification and password management tool.

  • Web3 Games – decentralized digital game integration platform, dedicated to providing various solutions for the blockchain web3 game ecology,Provide free development tools and services for blockchain game developers.

  • CESS-The decentralized cloud storage network infrastructure based on high -speed, secure, scalable smart contracts developed based on Substrate is the first decentralized distributed cloud storage network that supports large -scale enterprise -level business applications.

  • OAK Network-DEFI and blockchain automation centers based on Parity Substrate and automated payment have the first event driving technical model.

  • Web3go-It is an open data analysis platform. It provides tools that are convenient to use but have powerful functions, allowing users to query, visualize and analyze the data on the chain.

About us

One Block+ is China’s largest Substrate technology developer community, and it is also Parity’s only operating partner in Asia. Most of the founders, CTOs, and core developers of Pokka Ecological Ecological Ecological Ecological Ecology are from the One Block+ community.








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java implements Chinese numbers and Arabic numerals to each other

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