PPI to Ethernet and IFIX Ethernet Communication


Support platform


Project address

git clone https://github.com/andreafabrizi/prism.git


gcc <..OPTIONS..> -Wall -s -o prism prism.c

options are as follows:

ICMP mode

The back door using this mode will wait for the ICMP packet that contains the host/port connection information in the background. Through the private key can prevent third parties from access to access. The back door process accepts the Ping package activation.

can modify the key, the default is p4ssw0rd

You can see the mode as ICMP

Attack machine (

Meat Chicken (

Attack machine (

Send ICMP package

The content is as follows:

and then shell.

static mode

Try to connect hard -coded IP: PORT

You can see the custom process name as udevd

Re -compilation

Attack machine (

Meat Chicken (

View process

Get shell


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PPI to Ethernet and IFIX Ethernet Communication

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