SAP system and ABAP learning notes


SAP login

Group: 700 

 username : 


Common TCODE (transaction code)


Abap dictionary: initial screen


function builder: initial screen


Abap editor: initial screen


abap workbench


Maintenance user parameter file


Return back to the system homepage

database table query

Enter TCONDE SE11 into the data plus query, select the database table single selection box, and click the button on the right to find the table. Enter the table name in the pop -up table dialog box or use the * vague query to find the green hook sign after finding the table. Just click display on the initial screen. If it is not for the first query, the last choice object list will pop up when clicking the search table. Click the information system to re -find the table

ABAP Workpan to create a program

  • Create bags

    Select the package in the resource browser, and then enter the package name in the next input box. Enter. Will prompt the package whether there is no creation, select “yes”. Continue after entering the “brief description” in the creation window. Create a new request in the request window, open the new request window, and save it after entering the “brief description”. Back to the request window, you can create a package.

  • Create programs
    Right -click the “Create” program on the bag, and enter the program name

  • Running program

    *& Report ZABAP001
    Write ‘hello world’.

output a Hello World to the screen

Homepage activation program, click the “activation” button on the toolbar. If there is no error, click the “Direct Process” button to run the program. The screen will output Hello World


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