IO Multi-Road Transfer Model —– Poll and Poll version of the TCP server implementation DX

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Database is that programmers must master the knowledge points, detailed learning ideas and interview questions, applicable/suitable for the crowd: own Java language and can realize website climb data and analyze it

Master MySQL, the installation and use of the MySQL database foundation on various platforms
1. Mysql Overview, advantages, operating principles and memory structure
2.mysql data type
3. Mysqlddl statement use
4.SQL language use
5. Introduction and use of Dml statement
6.SQL transaction
7.SQL query mechanism, query foundation, skills, query optimization;
mysql database advanced
1.mysql database engine Classification 2.MYSQL transaction 3.mysql table 4.mysql data type 5.Mysql view 6.MYSQL index 7.MYSQL paging 8.sql statement optimization skills

Oracle actual combat

1. ORACLE Installation and Debugging 2.ORACLE Data Type 3. Overview of the Overview of the Overview of the Ovelement of the ORACLE Data Structure 6.OraCle Memory Structure 7.ORACLE Table Space 8. Users, tables, sequences and sequences and sequences and sequences Use 9.ORACLE index 10. ORACLE partition table

PL/SQL actual combat Basic Knowledge 2. Abnormal processing 3. Casting 4. Storage procedure JDBC 1.jdbc Overview 2.jdbc Working Principles 3.JDBC API 4.jdbc Access Database 5.JDBC Common Interface Interface

database connection pool

1. Java Multi -thread Development 2. Multi -threading and single -threaded comparison 3. Multi -threading application 4. Multi -threading precautions 5. Database connection pool technology

web front -end technology
1. Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other basic technologies, and use JSP, Servlet to develop small websites
2.2. Use framework technology to develop large websites HTML+CSS foundation 1.W3C standard
2.html Edit Tool 3.html Tags 4. Basic Usage of CSS 5. Introduce a CSS style in HTML

CSS Advanced
1.CSS Edit Web Text 2. List style 3. Box model 4. Floating 5. Positioning webpage elements

js basics
1. JavaScript core grammar 2. Program debug 3.JavaScript object

js advanced

1. At first I know jQuery, jquery selector 2.jquery and animation 3.jquery operations DOM 4. Form check

web basic technology (project actual combat), the primary is generally developed with JSP (Java Server Pages)+Servlet+JavaBean. For large websites, it is generally developed by frameworks.
For example, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, typical Struts framework structure.

javaweb project

EGOA project, used car e -commerce platform projects are all Javaweb projects

Design pattern design principles [single responsibility, Richeli replacement, dependency inversion, interface isolation, Dimit’s law, opening and closing principle] on behalf of {over} {filter}, the factory mode strategy mode Spring core component IOC mechanism IOC mechanism IOC mechanism

AOP Implementation Principles [AOP Editorial Thought, AOP’s use in Spring, CGLIB and JDK dynamics {over} {filter} theory] Transaction transaction processing [transaction isolation level]

Springmvc [DispatcherServlet, request mapping, parameter binding and conversion, page rendering] MyBatismyDatis code sqlSession

Principle MyBatis transaction comes with cache mechanism and Spring to achieve the cache use code generator quickly develop
interconnection distributed network architecture system

SpringBootstarter fast integration component [cache, database, message queue, search engine]

AutoConfigure automation configuration Actuator system monitoring [Database, message queue middleware, custom monitoring]

New annotation feature analysis 00001. Engineering management git management Mavensonar code quality detection platform Jenkins continuously integrates DEVOPS continuously integrated Jenkins environment Construction Jenkins integration

git/svn/tomcat/Sonarjenkins plug -in mechanism Micro -service architecture design Internet architecture [Services architecture] DDD field driver design [modeling, event driver]

distributed system architecture microservice architecture [service splitting, service governance]

SpringCloudConfig distributed configuration center Eureka registration and discovery mechanism Ribbon client load balancing

HYSTRIX service fuse component Feign declaration service call ZUU gateway service Dockerdecker [mirror, container, common commands]

private warehouse Docker Swarm

cluster to build docker compose

deployment script docker service service

Docker Stack

distributed cluster deployment Docker Portainer container visualization management tool


Plug -in Docker Mirror Docker deployed running Java program Docker applications [Create ELK, Rabbitmq, MySQL, deployment high available SpringCloud micro -service to achieve dynamic expansion …]

distributed technology RPC mode [RMI, HTTP, hessian] distributed system commander Zookeeper [CAP theory, ZK ,,]

dubbo framework
[Serviceization thought, Dubbo characteristics, Dubbo principle]

service discovery mechanism MOCK mechanism fault tolerance mechanism The serialization method of the load balancing mechanism Multiple protocol support configuration loading mechanism data binding implementation principle and Spring’s integration principle RPC- protocol principle
netty use high concurrent development technology

java multi -thread

[Basic thread, thread pool and Executor framework, thread security,]

java commonly used concurrent tool interface and class [Contlican, CyclIcbarrier, SEMAPHORE, Exchange, ConcurrenThashMap, ConcurrenTSKIPListMap, FORK \ Jion, HashMap, List]

nio [Blocking \ non-blocking, high-performance network editing framework-Natty,]

High concurrent-cache [Redis, MEMCACHED,]

High concurrent-message queue [ActiveMQ (JMS specification, ACK mechanism), rabbitmq (AMQP specification)]]

High concurrent-diversion [DNS diversion, CDN diversion+acceleration, nginx, LVS]

High -combat technical actual combat distributed distribution implementation scheme [Redis, ZooKeeper],

distributed transaction solution [X/A protocol, message queue, TCC solution]

distributed system verification [distributed session, JWT method, single -point framework]

Internet High Available framework [Load Balanced Technical Analysis, Keepalive Realization]

distributed order running water number generation strategy [Based on database, snowflake algorithm, redis -based,]

distributed system data storage

traditional database, NOSQL database, MySQL high available, MongoDB, big database sub -meter solution MyCAT performance optimization
JVM Optimization [Parameters, Performance] Web [Java low -energy code, Tomcat container principle \ handwriting simplified version Tomcat, Tomcat parameter, BENCHMARK] SQL optimization [database storage engine, index, SQL statement performance, SQL statement {business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, at the business level, the business level, Database level, SQL statement split}]


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