Installation method of the Python module under the Windows

2023-01-15   ES  

Windows module installation method under the Python module

When I recently learned Python crawlers, I always let some Models quote, but I don’t know the reference method, so I filled a lot of pits. I found some methods on the Internet, only the best way to record here. The following is based on some articles on the Internet:

below two steps:
1. Install PIP package

Open the Windows CMD command line, switch to the directory where Python is located, enter CD D: \ python34 (mine is d: \ python34. The most convenient is to drag Python’s folder to the CMD command line directly, and then return to the car. )

Enter in the command line: python -m PIP Install -U PIP Setuptools

will appear the following picture, that is, the installation is successful

After the installation is successful, the folder where the installed pip.exe file is located Configure to the environment variable, mine is d: \ python34 \ scripts

2. Installation of Model

Enter in the command line: d: \ python34 \ scripts, jump to pip.exe to execute the following command

Input PIP Install [Model] (Model here can be any module you want to install)

is that simple. The installation is complete


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