vs Foundation Mission failed. MSB4018CA

2022-12-21   ES  

[Landscape returning roads, thousands of lanterns, where is the new journey]
error MSB4018: “getpackageDirectory” task failed. [H: \ Repos \ NetCorelearn \ NetCorelearn \ NetCorelearn.csproj]

PackagingException: Can’t find the backpack folder “C: \ Microsoft \ xamarin \ Nuget \”. [H: \ Repos \ NetCorelearn \ NetCorelearn \ NetCorelearn.csproj]

Because VS unanimously put Nugut in the C drive, later reset it, put the Microsoft file on the F drive, and then there is the above error

Looking at this problem, it is probably clear, so I used the function of the synchronous mapping file.
The path of the folder after my movement is: G: \ Microsoft
The original folder path is: C: \ Microsoft

Create a synchronous mapping folder:

1. Open the DOS window

2. Execution command
mklink /j C:\Microsoft G:\Microsoft

This is solved!


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