Doubango What items include


Doubango is a collection of a series of projects. It includes the following projects:

1       tinySAK

Prefix: tsk

API reference:

2       tinySigComp

Prefix: tcomp

API reference:

3       tinySMS

Prefix: tsms

API reference:

4      tinyNET

YouMUST call tnet_startup() before using any network functionprefixed with tnet_. tnet_cleanup is used to terminate use ofnetwork functions.

Prefix: tnet

API reference:

5       tinyIPSec

Prefix: tipsec

API reference:

6       tinyHTTP

Prefix: thttp

API reference:

7       tinyXCAP

Prefix: txcap

API reference:

8       tinyMEDIA

Prefix: tmedia

API reference:

9       tinySDP

Prefix: tsdp

API reference:

10  tinyMSRP

Prefix: tmsrp

API reference:

11  tinyGST

Prefix: tgst

API reference:

12  tinySIP

Prefix: tsip

API reference:


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