HTML Learning Road 01-Set background


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <title>Set background</title>
         bgcolor = "Blue": Set the background color to blue 

         background = "../ IMGS/108.jpg": Load 108.jpg pictures as the background map-- 
                     ../ For the superior directory, that is, the picture, that is, the picture is not in the same directory as HTML 

             Background value: 
                 1. Local pictures: Static pictures, gif dynamic pictures 
                 2. Network pictures: pictures directly on the Internet such as 

             If the picture is too large, it only displays the range of the webpage as a large range 
             If the picture is too small, use the picture to spread the webpage 
    <body bgcolor="blue" background="../imgs/2.gif">


The effect chart is as follows


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