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Anti -social personality seems to be individual and attractive, but once you understand them, their true personality will be exposed. When you find that someone is strong and ruthless, you need to pay attention to it, you should deal with it, so as not to be used. Controversy with anti -social personality is meaningless. The best way is to indicate that you are very rational and will not be fooled.

Method 1: Those who understand the anti -social personality

1、recognition. A very obvious personality defect in anti -social personality is that he has no compassion and will not think for others. Although they usually look friendly, they are actually using their charm to manipulate others. The following are the characteristics of anti -social personality: [1]

  • surface is attractive: everyone seems to like them.

  • High IQ: Higher education, successful career.

  • Ruthlessness: There is no sin feeling to do wrong.

  • 把 lying: Do not take lying seriously.

  • Lack of care for others: People around them will feel this.

  • Self -centered: I like to be the focus of attention.

  • It looks like a superior person: likes to be superior to others.

2、Understand the motivation of anti -social personality. They did not want to become reliable, help others, or improve the world. Their motivation is not to “do the right thing”, but to control others to achieve their own goals: get more power, money, irresponsible sexual relationships, etc. [2]

    • Even if the anti -social personality person does what they do, they actually have other intentions.

    • Anti -social personality is often infidelous to partners and has no sense of guilt.

    3、Anti -social personality is a professional manipulator. They will use others for themselves, so they are dangerous. There are many ways to manipulate others. For example, they deliberately let others discord with each other, make a profit in the chaos, or let others lie, covering up their own mistakes.

      • Anti -social personality is usually the central character in triangular love, and they will also destroy marriage.

        At the work of

      • , they may slander their colleagues in front of the boss and raise themselves.

      • In the circle of friends, they will intentionally create problems to relax others, and he calmly controls the entire situation.

      4、Don’t expect anti -social personality to care about your feelings. They don’t care about others’ use or injury. They have no conscience and they only use your kindness. Their obvious feature is that they do not consciously cause their behavior to cause harm to others.

        • Anti -social personality will not become sympathetic. No more enlightenment and opportunities.

        • If you can calmly realize that this is not your problem, the more you can deal with the anti -social personality.

        5、In order to cope with anti -social personality, they need to think about their way of thinking. Once you find that someone is an anti -social personality, you have to see his motivation and weaknesses. If you treat them with ordinary people, it will definitely have no effect and will be controlled. [3]

        • When you get along with those who are anti -social personality, you will be vigilant, don’t expect to convince them.

        • Anti -social personality is not driven by love, which is the power to inspire them, so you have to show that you will not be controlled by their power.

        Method two: communication and response

        1. It is best to avoid communicating with anti -social personality. They are too difficult to get along, if they can avoid the best. Your relationship with them will never improve. If your dating object and friends have anti -social personality tendencies, you should cut off this relationship.

        • Sensitive and compassionate people are more likely to be controlled by anti -social personality. They are best at using this personality. If you are this kind of personality, hurry up and stay away. [4]

        • However, sometimes the relationship cannot be cut off. If your boss and family are anti -social personality, then you can only learn how to deal with it.

        • Powerful. Do not relax the vigilance around the anti -social personality. Do not show true emotions, otherwise it will be manipulated. When communicating with them, they must show strong self -control.

          • A good performance in front of them. Even if you are in a bad mood, you can’t let them see it.

          • must not show that you are easily affected. When you are in a bad state, you should stay away from the anti -social personality.

        • Any words to anti -social personality remain doubtful. They are very good at using others to achieve their own purposes. If you can realize this in advance, you are unlikely to be used. No matter what they say, you have to keep calm and neutral.

          • For example, you were working happily, and a anti -social personality came to tell you suddenly: the boss was dissatisfied with your recent statements. Don’t believe him, unless you hear the boss said him.

          • As another, an anti -social personality seemed to inadvertently raise a party and did not invite you. Listen to what others say before taking the reaction.

        • Keep a neutral conversation. Don’t let the anti -social personality occupy the right to speak, you should take the initiative to guide the topic and give them no chance. When they speak, try to attach and appreciate it.

          • Maintain neutral security topics, such as politics, weather, news, sports, etc.

          • When you find that they start to affect you, change the topic and avoid silence.

        • Never disclose private information. Never talk with anti -social personnel to talk about family, friends, career, funds, dreams, goals, etc. Avoid those who are close to you. Don’t give them a chance to hook them.

          • If they want your money, you must hide the funds account. Anti -social personality may peek at your account. You have to show that you and your family and friends have no money, so that you will not become the object of use.

          • If they want power, you have to show your poor connections.

          • If they want to use you, you have to show that you have no use value.

          6、4 4 4 4 4 What makes you happy or sad. So as not to use your preferences and disgust to manipulate you.

          • Don’t complain in front of them, don’t expose your weaknesses, fear or troubles, and don’t give them opportunities.

          • When you feel injured, don’t show it, lest them deliberately hurt you again.

          Method 3: Self -protection

          1、Put the plan in your heart. If the anti -social personality knows your plans, they may use this to fight you humiliating you. So you must not tell them your plan in advance. It can not be said until it is completed.

          • For example, if you plan to change your job, then wait until the test, the interview, get new jobs, and resign from the old job. After everything is done, they cannot affect your performance.

          • If you live or work with the anti -social personality, do important things when he is not.

          2、indicates that you have seen them through them. Only by letting them know that it is impossible to manipulate you can they stay away from you. They will look for the easier to use.

            • When the anti -social personality is harassed.

            • Clazy their lies.

            • indicates that you cannot be controlled.

            3、Do not owe the social personality. An important way for them to control others is to make others owe people. Don’t give them a chance. for example:

              • Do not borrow money from them.

              • Do not accept any form of gifts. If they want to say a few words in front of the boss, they refuse politely.

              • Do not accept any form of help.

              • Do not owe them.

              4、Drop evidence when harassing the anti -social personality. Evidence is important. Because anti -social personality is usually more popular, if you have no evidence, others will not believe you. Reserve evidence such as emails, and seek help from others if necessary. [5]

              Note how to record evidence. Private evidence is felony in some areas. Therefore, you should consult a lawyer when you are harassed and discuss how to collect evidence.

              5、Seek professional help. When you are negatively affected by the anti -social personality, you should talk to others (those who are not affected). Seeking the help of psychological experts, help you see the situation, and find the response method.


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