UNIAPP summary of MQTT’s use

2023-01-24   ES  

REVIT each large version provides several patchs. Generally, it is published in about 3 patchs within a year to correct the problem of the first version and launch some new features. I don’t know

download pu or diced bags to solve the problem. Revit’s installation patch is not called SPX, but it is update release, referred to as UR. For example UR1, UR2, UR3. After the same large version of the patch, the file format will not change.

UR can download it on Autodesk’s official website.

and a patch called hotfix, this is generally a problem in the common function. Please note that the content is installed as needed.

The download page of the various installation patchs of Revit is listed below. You can turn the page to find more patch.


, for example:


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UNIAPP summary of MQTT’s use

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