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manjaroInstallationrime(IBUS version) Reference [1,2]. After configured the domestic source of Pacman[3], execution:

sudo pacman -S yay  # yay is another installation manager? The role is similar to Pacman, but with Aur
sudo pacman -S ibus ibus-rime
yay -S ibus-qt

and then in your own directory (~) Create configuration files.xprofile(if nothing):

touch .xprofile

and write:

export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus
ibus-daemon -d -x

Logging up and re -entered the system, and then click on the upper right corner of the GNOME desktop, settings) -> Keyboard-> Input Sources, click+Add, findChinese (China)(You can order ⋮ \vdots Search rime directly), there is RIME inside.

/ plum / is the configuration management tool for Rime, which can be used to add input solutions. See [4]. Install / plum / can simply clone its github repo:

cd /path/to/install/plum
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/rime/plum.git

One of themrime-install, is an executable script, you can create a soft link$PATHEasy to call:

echo $PATH  # Look at what paths include $ PATH
# one of them is ~/.Local/bin
# There is no way to default, just create a
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
cd ~/.local/bin
ln -s /path/to/install/plum/rime-install

Then you can use it directly in the command linerime-installcommand.

For example, you need to install a Cantonese fight[5], first execute:

rime-install jyutping

After execution, you can find it~/.config/ibus/rime/More Jyutping related files. But at this time the list of Ctrl + `may still not show this new solution in the list of schemes, you need to add manually. First~/.config/ibus/rime/Create your own configuration filedefault.custom.yaml(if none), and write:

# default.custom.yaml

# Here is to keep Mingyue Pinyin (LUNA_PINYIN) for anti -inspection
# When typing in jyutping, type "` "first, and then type in Putonghua Pinyin. You can see the pinyin in the jyutping scheme
    - schema: jyutping
    - schema: luna_pinyin
    - schema: luna_pinyin_simp
    - schema: luna_pinyin_fluency

and then re -deploy the Rime (GNOME desktop, the icon of Rime in the upper right corner-> deployment, the icon may be “A”, “朙”, “Guangdong”, etc.).

Here record my configuration, more configuration reference [7]:

# default.custom.yaml
    - schema: jyutping
    - scheme: ipa_yunlong
    - schema: luna_pinyin
    - schema: luna_pinyin_simp
    - schema: luna_pinyin_fluency

  "menu/page_size": 9  # 9 candidates per page

default English output and default simplified characters seem to be set separately for each solution, such as referenceHere, in~/.config/ibus/rime/Createjyutping.custom.yaml, write:

# jyutping.custom.yaml
    - name: ascii_mode
      reset: 1
      states: [Chinese,Western language]
    - name: simplification
      reset: 1
      states: [Chinese characters,Chinese characters 

 See the setting of the candidate page in the horizontal row of the candidate page [8], but it seems to be deployed]

ibus_rime.yamlwill be deleted? I don’t know how to rectify.


0.14.3version of the little wolf seems to have a little problem installation on Win11:

  • There is no pre -selection scheme or color scheme;
  • Use / plum / plus solution by yourself, write yourselfdefault.custom.yamlNo;
  • Right -click “Re -deployment” without response.

The configuration script written before:

@echo off

set RIME=D:\Rime
set PLUM=%RIME%\plum

cd /d %RIME%

echo get /plum/
if not exist %PLUM% (
	git clone --depth 1 [email protected]:rime/plum.git

echo get schemes
echo jyutping
%PLUM%\rime-install.bat rime/rime-cantonese
%PLUM%\rime-install custom:add:schema=jyutping
echo luna pinyin
%PLUM%\rime-install.bat rime/rime-luna-pinyin
%PLUM%\rime-install custom:add:schema=luna_pinyin
%PLUM%\rime-install custom:add:schema=luna_pinyin_simp
%PLUM%\rime-install custom:add:schema=luna_pinyin_fluency
echo IPA
%PLUM%\rime-install.bat rime/rime-ipa
%PLUM%\rime-install custom:add:schema=ipa_yunlong

But now it seems that it does not work much … Put back0.9.30is available, but the selection box has been in the upper left corner of the screen (I am in the input method setting/delete it and add it after adding it), right -click and there is no “re -deployment” option (see [11] ) …

  1. Manjaro Install IBUS-RIME input method
  2. Manjaro Install IBUS-RIME input method
  3. The first thing to do after installing manjaro is …
  4. rime/plum
  5. rime/rime-jyutping -> rime/rime-cantonese
  6. Fedora 22 GNOME 3 Join IBUS RIME’s Cantonese Fun, Cangjie Five Dynasties, Cangjie Kuai Model and Quickly Support
  7. Rime Customized Guide
  8. Cannot get ibus_rime.yaml to work #42
  9. rime/rime-luna-pinyin
  10. rime/rime-ipa
  11. You who also installed Rime for the first time


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