Android uses the WebView control to load the local HTML, and the data transmits data of data through JS and the background Java to the background CCALLEN


1. Add WebView control to the layout file and get WebView objects in Java.

2. Load the local HTML file.


3. Open the JS function.

4. Add a JS interactive interface to facilitate the JavaScript code in the HTML layout file that can be accessed directly with the background Java code.

       WebView.adddjavaScriptInterface (new contactplugin ()), “contact”); // new class name, the alias used during the contribution of contacta, corresponding to the contactal in Android.html. method.

5. The method of calling JS in Java.
      webView.loadurl (“JavaScript: Show (‘” + ARGS + “‘)); // Show’s method of JS can pass data to the front desk.

The effect chart is as follows:

Those who need the source code can go:


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