Gentoo tips: adjust the network card corresponding to ETHX


download database version:
SQL Server 2019 developer edition
download database management tool version:
SQL Server Management Studio 18.5.1
Reference URL:

Encountering problems:
In the previous installation, the computer needs to be re -guided to make changes. To continue, please restart the computer …
Restore the computer, click Setup.exe again
Reference URL:

database dense key:
Reference URL:

  1. Click Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Start the database management tool

  2. Connection database

  3. Create a database

  4. Create a form under the newly created database

  5. Design form, add data before the editor, add data

or above is a conventional operation, and now it is necessary to increase the added data to increase
Encountered a problem: The designed form is not ID, and it cannot be saved after re -modification
Solution: Modify the tool settings
Reference URL:

After modifying, set the main key after the modification, the identification specification selection is
Reference URL:

ID ’s self -increasing effect is the judgment of the data uniqueness of the data after reading the various operations after reading it. It is used to screen data and judge the order of data.


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Gentoo tips: adjust the network card corresponding to ETHX

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