[webkit] webkit2 API analysis


1. The controller gets more data

.controller('searchController', function($scope,$http){
    $scope.works = [1,2,3];
    $scope.doFresh = function () {
          $scope.works = newWorks;

2. Page layout (get data and drop down and refresh)

<ION-VIEW View-Title = "Login"> 
 <ION-CONTENT class = "padding"> 
 <ION-Refresher Pulling-Text = "Pulling down and refresh .." On-Refresh = "DOFRESH ()"> </Ion-Refresher> 
 <ION-ITEM NG-Repeat = "Work in Works"> {{{work}}</ion-item>

3.App.js To register the page (declare the controller of the corresponding registration page)



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[webkit] webkit2 API analysis

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