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Spring Data is a sub -project of Spring. Used to simplify database access, support NOSQL and relationship data storage. Using SpringData can greatly reduce the development volume of the data access layer (DAO). The only thing the developer must do is to declare the durable layer interface. Others are handed over to the Spring Data JPA to help you complete!
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Learning this set of video tutorials suggest that there is a JPA foundation. Students who do not master JPA technology may not fully understand some of the content when learning this video tutorial. It is recommended that this classmate first learn about the JPA video tutorial of Shangsine Silicon Valley. This video covers all the core technologies of SpringData JPA in enterprise development.
lecturer introduction

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Project manager, technical lecturer, Sun Scjp, SCWCD, and Teaching Director of the Mobile Cloud Computing Education Training Center of the Ministry of Engineering. Ten years of software development experience. Six years of software training experience: Ren Java, Oracle training lecturers who have ranked first in AOP global outsourcing in China, and are responsible for new technical training for company employees; former Javaee training lecturers of Citibank; Javaee training at a troop research institute; He is the director of mobile cloud computing in Beihang and Xiamen University, and lectures on Java, Android, and iPhone courses.
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Chapter 1: SpringData
佟 1_Springdata_ Overview  2:35

佟 1_Springdata_HellowOn  19:48

s s_Springdata_repository interface  10:07

佟 1 _Springdata_repository query method definition specifications  18:39

佟 1_Springdata_qury Note  15:18

佟 1 _Springdata_modifying Note  9:00

s 19 _Springdata_crudrepository interface  4:58

s 20_Springdata_pagingandsortingRespository interface  12:02

佟 2_Springdata_JPAREPOSITORY interface  3:57

佟 2_SpringData_JPASPECICICICIONEXECUTOR interface  14:43

佟 2_SpringData_S customized repository method  5:42

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python scrapy Explanation

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