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Holding Bin-Laden Captive!

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)
Total Submission(s): 24475    Accepted Submission(s): 10894

Problem Description
We all know that Bin-Laden is a notorious terrorist, and he has disappeared for a long time. But recently, it is reported that he hides in Hang Zhou of China! 

“Oh, God! How terrible! ”

Don’t be so afraid, guys. Although he hides in a cave of Hang Zhou, he dares not to go out. Laden is so bored recent years that he fling himself into some math problems, and he said that if anyone can solve his problem, he will give himself up! 

Ha-ha! Obviously, Laden is too proud of his intelligence! But, what is his problem?

“Given Some Chinese Coins (Coin) (Three Kinds– 1, 2, 5), and their Number is Num_1, NUM_2 and NUM_5 Respectively, please output the minimum value that you cannound party
You, super ACMer, should solve the problem easily, and don’t forget to take $25000000 from Bush!

Input contains multiple test cases. Each test case contains 3 positive integers num_1, num_2 and num_5 (0<=num_i<=1000). A test case containing 0 0 0 terminates the input and this test case is not to be processed.

Output the minimum positive value that one cannot pay with given coins, one line for one case.

Sample Input

1 1 3
0 0 0

Sample Output


Mother function, find out:portal     teleport door 2These two blogs can be understood, especially the first. This question can be used as a parent function template

/*This is a combination of a limited number of numbers. If each banknote has unlimited Zhang, then there will be a range of inquiries 
 The maximum value of this range is the maximum value MAX, that is, max = n; then it will be changed to j <= n; j+k <= n. 
 #include <cstdio> 
 #include <cstring> 
 TypeDef long long ll; 
 const int n = 1000 * (1+2+5)+5; 
 // At most 1,000, the array to be opened is the possible maximum money number 
 int Cost [3] = {1, 2, 5}; // Three face value banknotes 
 Ll c1 [n], c2 [n]; 
 // C2 is a polynomial of temporary merging, which is cleared at each time; C1 is the final merger polynomial, and the number of schemes for each combination is preserved 
 int Num [3]; 
 int Max; 
 int Main () 
     While (~ Scanf ("%D%D%D", & NUM [0], & NUM [1], & Num [2])) 
 {// How many money each face value is 
         if (num [0] == 0 && num [1] == 0 && num [2] == 0) break; 
         MEMSET (C1, 0, SIZEOF (C1)); // Initialize 
         MEMSET (C2, 0, SIZEOF (C2)); 
         Max = num [0] + num [1] * 2 + num [2] * 5; // Calculate the maximum value of this money. Border 
         c1 [0] = 1; // The situation of 0 at the beginning is a kind 
         for (int i = 0; i <3; i ++) 
 {// three kinds of banknotes 
             for (int j = 0; j <= num [i] * Cost [i]; j += Cost [i]) 
 {// Cost of banks with face value, COST [i] 
                 for (int k = 0; J +k <= max; k ++) 
                     c2 [j + k] + = c1 [k]; 
             for (int j = 0; j <n; j ++) 
 {// copy the data of C2 to C1 and empty C2 
                 c1 [j] = c2 [j]; 
                 c2 [j] = 0; 
         for (int i = 1; i <= max +1; i ++) 
             if (! C1 [i]) 
 {// zero, it means that it is impossible 
                 Printf ("%d \ n", i); 


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