Parameter transmission (value transmission, reference transfer, pointer transmission) LC


Due to the company’s business needs, a complete set of CI/CD processes need to be built. In order to ensure the quality of the code, SONARQUBE is used as our quality management tool. It will bring a complete set of CI/CD deployment processes in the future. First of all The development environment builds a set of Sonarqube.

1, official website downloadsonarQube, I downloaded the latest version v8.1

2. After downloading, unzip to the directory you want, such as D: \ Sonarqube

3, enter the file root directory, modify the configuration file\Program Files\Java\jdk-13.0.2\bin\java
  • Configure the database. Considering performance issues, Sonarqube gave up support for the MySQL database after V7.9 version. If you need to configure mysql, please download the previous version of V7.9, edit the conf/Sonar.Properties address


4. Enter the BIN \ Windows-X86-64 directory, double-click Startsonar to start the service

5. Access Localhost: 9000

Seeing the above page, it proves that the startup is successful. Let’s log in. The default initial account password is admin/admin

6. Select Chinese bags. According to the click order in the figure below, enter the plug -in installation page, search for Chinese pack, install a Chinese language package, and restart


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Parameter transmission (value transmission, reference transfer, pointer transmission) LC

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