The universal composition template of the e -commerce first focus material


When it comes to the drilling show, you must not help but mention Taobao’s focus map. With the continuous growth and improvement of Taobao, the design of Taobao’s focus map has also become taller and larger from the original primary grassroots style. Design, concise and generous, and overall unity. The relatively mainstream design structures generally have 3 types. Proficient in using these three layouts will greatly improve work efficiency.在这里插入图片描述

All belong to the design theme of design.在这里插入图片描述

1 The subject can condense the audience’s attention.
2 All formal factors are connected with each other. The structure has both changes and a unified whole, and has a strong artistic expression.
3 Arrange screen objects, handle details, pay attention to close connection with the theme performance, and reduce the content of the scattered screen to the minimum range.
Simple and fast find template
You professional providing e -commerce material template UPPSD, which provides high -quality design template material gallery, including page design, first focus design, promotion chart, design element download, and reduces the designer 75%office overtime time.
Just click the smart object to replace your content, and then save the export design work, which is very convenient.在这里插入图片描述


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