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sambaservice configuration


  1. sambaServer adds users:

    #pdbedit -L     //listSambauser list

    #pdbedit -a username  //NewSambausers, note that this user must belinuxusers in the system

    (    #ls -l /var/lib/samba/private/passdb.tdbDatabase users

    can be usedpdbeditCommand to view users in the database, you can also build and delete the in this databasesambaUser.UsepdbeditModificationSambaUsercommandas follows

    #pdbedit -a username  //Newly builtSambaUser, note that this user must belinuxUsers in the system

    #pdbedit -x username  //DeleteSambaUser

    #pdbedit -L     //listSambaUser List,Readpassdb.tdbdatabase file

    #pdbedit -Lv     //listSambaUser list details

    #pdbedit -c “[D]” -u username   //SambaUser’s account

    #pdbedit -c “[]” -u username    //Restore itSambaUser’s account )

  2. OpensambaService:

    Note: At this time, the user name and password can be achieved.

  3. Modify the configuration file to implement other settings

    Configuration file:/etc/samba/smb.conf


1, first guarantee the network is OKping.

and then enter the user name and password to enter. Open the following folder automatically:

2、Discard connection:


  1. Installationsmbclient

  2. ViewsambaServer resources:

    Smbclient -L

  3. Login:

    touseridentity login:

    #smbclient  // -U user

    Seeing appearingsmb:>The prompt, indicating that it has been successfully logged insambaServer.

    Anonymous login: (pre -modified configuration file/etc/samba/smb.conf

    #smbclient  //


  1. When logging in anonymous:

    Solution: The configuration file will be[share]change to[public]securitySet toshare


    comment = Public Stuff

    path = /public

    public = yes

    guest ok = yes

    browseable = yes

    writable = yes


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