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Recently, I downloaded a CURL library from the Internet. I could n’t start all kinds of errors during use, so I simply compiled it directly.

1. Preparation

A. Download zlib

ZLIB can make HTTP requests support GZIP compression, the address is as follows:

official website:

download address:

b. Download Openssl

OpenSll uses and supports SSL, such as HTTPS requests.

official website:

download address:

c. Download curl

official website:

download address: In, select the version you want, I use the latest 7.35.0 hereversion []

d. Download Activeperll

official website:

Please note that according to your own system version [32,64], select different installation packs [download when the link fails to download]

download address: m86-295879.msi

          X64download address: MSWIN32-X64-295879.msi

Compilation method:

A. Install ActivePerl

Double -click to install, just use the default settings.

b. Unzip all the source files, all placed in one directory, for example, I am a house C: \ CURL directory, the directory structure is as follows:

C. Compile ZLIB

From the start menu, select Microsoft Visual Studio 2005> Visual Studio Tools> Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt, as shown below:


, a CMD window will pop up, switch to the directory of ZLIB C: \ Curl \ ZLibxxx, and then enter:

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  1. nmake -f win32/Makefile.msc OBJA=”inffast.obj”  

After a while, it will be successfully compiled.

2. Compile Openssl

Switch the current directory to C: \ Curl \ Openssl-1.0.1F, how to enter the following command below:

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  1. ms\32all.bat  

Then I started a long compilation. I have waited for 15 minutes before compiling = = $

3. Compile CURLLLIB

Switch the current directory to the directory of CURL C: \ CURL \ CURL-7.35.0 \ lib, and then enter the command in turn:

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  1. set OPENSSL_PATH=..\..\openssl-1.0.1f  
  2. set ZLIB_PATH=..\..\zlib-1.2.8  
  3. nmake -f Makefile.vc8  CFG=release-dll-zlib-dll  

Note that Makefile.VC6 is VC6.0 version, VC8 is VC2005, VC9 is VS2008, push in order.

CFG is the configuration compilation results option. The specific content is as follows:

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  1. Usage: nmake /f makefile.vc6 CFG=<config> <target>  
  2. where <config> is one of:  
  3. release                      – release static library  
  4. release-ssl                  – release static library with ssl  
  5. release-zlib                 – release static library with zlib  
  6. release-ssl-zlib             – release static library with ssl and zlib  
  7. release-ssl-ssh2-zlib        – release static library with ssl, ssh2 and zlib  
  8. release-ssl-dll              – release static library with dynamic ssl  
  9. release-zlib-dll             – release static library with dynamic zlib  
  10. release-ssl-dll-zlib-dll     – release static library with dynamic ssl and dynamic zlib  
  11. release-dll                  – release dynamic library  
  12. release-dll-ssl-dll          – release dynamic library with dynamic ssl  
  13. release-dll-zlib-dll         – release dynamic library with dynamic zlib  
  14. release-dll-ssl-dll-zlib-dll – release dynamic library with dynamic ssl and dynamic zlib  
  15. debug                        – debug static library  
  16. debug-ssl                    – debug static library with ssl  
  17. debug-zlib                   – debug static library with zlib  
  18. debug-ssl-zlib               – debug static library with ssl and zlib  
  19. debug-ssl-ssh2-zlib          – debug static library with ssl, ssh2 and zlib  
  20. debug-ssl-dll                – debug static library with dynamic ssl  
  21. debug-zlib-dll               – debug static library with dynamic zlib  
  22. debug-ssl-dll-zlib-dll       – debug static library with dynamic ssl and dynamic zlib  
  23. debug-dll                    – debug dynamic library  
  24. debug-dll-ssl-dll            – debug dynamic library with dynamic ssl  
  25. debug-dll-zlib-dll           – debug dynamic library with dynamic zlib1  
  26. debug-dll-ssl-dll-zlib-dll   – debug dynamic library with dynamic ssl and dynamic zlib  
  27. <target> can be left blank in which case all is assumed  
  28. Makefile.vc8(501) : fatal error U1050: please choose a valid configuration “rele  
  29. ase-dll-ssl-dll-zlib-dll ”  
  30. Stop.  

Everyone can compile different DLL and lib according to their needs, and I chose to compile two static libraries:

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  1. nmake -f Makefile.vc8  CFG=release-ssl-zlib  
  2. nmake -f Makefile.vc8  CFG=debug-ssl-zlib  

and then start to wait for the gorgeous screen to wait ~~~

After a few minutes, I will compile it, and C: \ Curl \ Curl-7.35.0 \ lib \ will have Debug-SSL-ZLIB and Release-SSL-ZLib directory, copy it under the VS project, and then It can be used in configuration.


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Android development environment address download Adt-Bundle Android-Studio SDK Adt

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