WINFORM control -DEVEXPRESS18 download and install registration and use in VS

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Devexpress is the abbreviation of Developer Express. Devexpress is a world -renowned control development company.

The controls developed by

Devexpress have strong strength, which is not only rich in function, easy to apply, but also gorgeous interfaces, and more convenient customization.

Devexpress control Chinese website

Devexpress Chinese help documentation

version support

Here use vs2017, so download the corresponding Devexpress18, if it is vs2013, download Devexpress14

Corresponding version relationship

devexpress14 and registered machine download

devexpress18 Installation package download

link: A9AA8S

Devexpress18 registration machine download


Install Devexpress18

will download the corresponding file, double-click DevexpresscomponentsBundle-18.1.5.exe Run and install

and then choose the part you want to install, the default is the full selection here

Set the installation position and click on the bottom right corner to continue

and then select yes

Turn off VS when installing. If you prompt, please turn off. Open the task manager and find the end process of the devenv.exe.

Then there is a long installation process

If the anti -virus software prompt during installation, please allow it, or exit the software directly.

Installation is complete, click Finish.


In the downloaded file above, there is a registration machine, double -click the devexpress.patch.exe under the crack2, and then click Apply Patch

I ’m Done prompts will appear after the cracked.

vs2017 Add to the toolbox

If you open the VS toolbox after installation and cracking, there is no new Devexpress control.

Tools directory in the installation directory of Devexpress (that is, a directory containing ToolboxCreator.exe) to open the CMD, enter

ToolboxCreator.exe /ini:toolboxcreator.ini

If there is no after opening VS, then turn on the toolbox and right-click on the toolbox-REPAIR The TOOLBOX

Click after repair

At this time, open the toolbox and control with Devexpress

At this time, the Devexpress control can be used in the new WinForm window.


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