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20 years is a long period of time for the Internet. The web design has also gone through a long way during this period. We now look back and hardly believe that we have designed this kind of thing!

▎1. Penny Juice

Penny Juiceis a fruit juice made for children. The picture below is their official website in the 1990s. Feel these colorful and colorful …

▎2. Arngren

ArngrenWhat shocked people is that it still exists now! You can browse the content of the website in a horizontal or vertical manner. The website is full of dazzling red and blue hyperlinks and low -quality stickers … Who knows and who knows ~

▎3. Sixties Press

This website looks like it was designed by a six -year -old child in 1995. In fact, it was designed by British writer Barry Tebb to promote books. I do n’t know how to sell …

Let’s take a look at the homepage of the website. The big title is set in the black wave shape and irregular graphics. It seems unclear at all. The text of all the navigation buttons below ???)

But this version has become history, now this is the case:Poke here

▎4. The Internet 1996 World Exposition

International Internet 1996 ExpoIt looks normal, but take a closer look-you can find the mix and match of various fonts, including Times New Roman, Arial and Retro Art-Deco; each navigation destination uses the same icon? And, the use of dual -color tones of different lengths is very low -level errors.

▎5. Aliweb

Aliwebis considered the oldest search engine in the world, searching through the search bar or the following category.

If you have a magnifying glass, there is nothing wrong with this 1990s. Different types of projects are separated by a red vertical line, and there are bright yellow backgrounds to truly meet the needs of the eyes!

but the computer screen of the 1990s should be very small …

▎6. USGS

This is 1994US Geological Survey website website

The red link full of screens attracted the attention of users at once. However, designers should know that red is generally used for warning and errors, and should not be used for navigation links. The available hyperlink is the essence of a good user experience, and blue is the color of the hyperchain.

Amazon in the 1990s was only selling books. Before interactive moving and search bar drop menu appeared, its website was not much different from other counterparts.

At 189, the Apple website in 1997 seemed to be passing. In fact, in the mid -1990s, Apple was excellent. At that time, the website was used to use Rainbow Apple’s logo.

▎7. Amazon

▎8. Apple

Let’s get into 2018, and now Apple’s website is neat and beautiful:

▎9. Coca-Cola

A large slot, where is the Coca -Cola logo? A small picture of holding a cup of cola one hand cannot be used as a brand picture! However, at least the text is aligned.

▎10. Disney

Last Disney, the double -layer bottom column navigation design used in Disney in the 1990s was strange from the current vision. Moreover, on its homepage, more than 6 different fonts are used. This design is indeed very old …

To be honest, the design of these 1990s website is really bad -colorful pages, mixing and matching of various different fonts, background graphics set at will, and font size that does not consider the user’s perception. The original sin.

However, technology is always developing, and the design concept is also improved step by step in the process of development. When we look back at these “bad” designs, it is actually a ladder that predecessors paved us, so that we can keep progress!


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Use myBatis-Generator to automatically generate code

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