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Brief introduction

big screen design (AJ-Report) is a full open source project with visual drag editing. It is intuitive, cool, and technological. The built -in basic functions include data sources, data sets, and report management.

Data source support, built -in MySQL, Elasticsearch, Kudu driver, supports custom dataset provinces to develop data interface development, supports 17 large -screen components, will not be developed, and large screens can also be made according to the design draft.

Three steps to easily complete the large screen design: configuration data source–> Write SQL configuration data set-> drag and drag the configuration large screen-> save the release. Welcome to experience.

Data flowchart

core technology

back -end

  • Spring Boot2.3.5.release: Spring Boot is a box that uses the box to make our Spring application become lighter and faster. The main program can run in the main program. You can also pack your application for JAR and run your web application by using Java -JAR;

  • MyBatis-Plus3.3.2: MyBatis-Plus (referred to as MP) is a enhanced tool for mybatis (OpenS New Window).

  • flyway5.2.1: It is mainly used to upgrade your database structure and data inside while the application version is continuously upgraded.

front end

  • npm: Node.js package management tools are used to uniformly manage the packages, plug -ins, tools, commands, etc. needed in our front -end projects to facilitate development and maintenance.

  • webpack: for modern JavaScript applications, _ static module packaging tools

  • ES6: The new version of JavaScript, the abbreviation of ECMAScript6. Use ES6 to simplify our JS code and use the powerful features provided by it to quickly realize JS logic.

  • Vue-CLI: Vue’s scaffolding tool for automatically generates the directory and files of the Vue project.

  • Vue-Router: The front-end routing tool provided by Vue uses its routing control of the page, local refresh and loaded on demand, and build a single page application to achieve front-end and back-end separation.

  • Element-UI: A set of front-end UI components based on the MVVM framework Vue.

  • Avue: After wrapping this component, it can be turned into a drag and drag component, and the absolute positioning of the parent class is used;

  • Vue-ECharts: Vue-Echarts is the encapsulated Vue plug-in, based on ECharts V4.0.1+

  • vue-supersLide: Vue-superslide (github) is the Vue package version of SuperSlide

  • vuedraggable: It is a Vue drag plug -in based on sortable.js.



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