NDK dynamic link library compilation and call for Instrument

2023-01-30   ES  

This article involves errors:
Spoon/Kettle connect to the problem encountered by the SQLServer database (available for pro -test, explain graphic)
[IM002] [Microsoft] [ODBC Driver Manager] No data source name is found and the default driver is not specified
Network error IOExeption: Connection refused: connect

I have done the Kettle connection SQLServer before. I thought it was no problem. As a result, the new SQLServer was installed on the company’s server for data export. There is a problem, so it is recorded to avoid the same problem in the future.
The first step. Install SQLServer
The official website is installed here. I won’t provide a installation package, a lot of Baidu tutorials. Just install it in order.

Step 2
Configure Kettle information
In fact, this step is not big, everyone will. Note that the information is not wrong.
and then click the test, the problem comes. First of all
ODBC Drive Manager, the data source name cannot be found.

After downloading and installing the corresponding version, restart the Kettle file and test it again.
download address:SQLNCLI download

Next step:
I encountered an error again, this time在这里插入图片描述
Obviously less jar bag. Like mysql sqlserverjar bag,
friends who lack the above two databases can read my article
Database Migration Software SPOON KETTLE Environment (the pit I have stepped on)

Since you know the Shao JAR package, it is not a big problem for a long time, just download one.
download address:jtds download
After downloading:在这里插入图片描述
Copy directly to the lib of Kettle and restart the test.

Basically, this step is basically okay.

but because SQLServer is just installed on the server today. So I haven’t match everything yet, so I reported one在这里插入图片描述
Truely hurt your brain, take a step by step.
In encountering this problem, it is no longer a problem with Kettle. We want to see our newly installed SQLServer.
Because our server is Windows Server 2008 So above

The first step, find the SQLServer data configuration manager in order在这里插入图片描述
Find the network configuration in order ——- XXXX protocol (database) —- TCP/IP在这里插入图片描述
View status, the default is closed, let’s open it to him first
Prompt that you need to restart the service
So we restart it for him
Find the SQLServer service in order —– Find our server —- Right-click to restart在这里插入图片描述
After restarting, the test was found, and it was still forbidden to visit. Why is this? I found it for a while.
TPC/IP’s IP address of the allip default IP is not set, we set him to 1433
After restarting again, this prohibited access problem was resolved.

Perfect ~


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NDK dynamic link library compilation and call for Instrument

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