CAD2D graph


1, CAD drawing picture generates

  1. Open CAD graphics, click on the side of the graphic, you can find that the graphic is not a whole. In other words, it is not a domain.

  2. Use the face domain command, the command behavior “reg”, it will prompt: select the object. At this time the box selects all the graphics.

  3. After completing the above operation, you will find that the graphic is a whole, which has formed a domain. This is also a more common method.

  4. can also use this method: use the border to create. The command behavior “BO” enters the “border creation”, and then selects the “face domain” in the object type.

  5. Then software prompts: pick up the internal point. Use the left mouse button to click on the graphic, as shown in the figure. After completion, we will also find that the face area is formed.

  6. Of course, if you want to cancel the formed noodles, it is very simple. After selecting the noodles, you can use the command “X” to break the face.

  7. Take the triangular function y = sinx as an example.

  8. In column A from 0, starting from 0.4 (adjustable by itself) to take several horizontal coordinates;

    Enter “= sin (a3)” in cell B3, not contain quotes, Enter;

    Enter “= A3 &”, “& B3” in C3, does not include quotes, Enter;

    The same method fills in other cells in column B and C.

  9. 3

    Select the coordinate value in column C column, CTRL+C copy;

    Enter the “PL” command in AutoCAD, Enter;

    Prompt Ctrl+V paste when entering the coordinate value, Enter;

    Donation is achieved, and the same method can draw images of other functions.

Step 2 Export SAT

  1. Thinking: The two -dimensional CAD model can only be imported after building the noodles.
  2. The two -dimensional model in the figure below

First build it into the face area, click the drawing toolbar

1 loop extracted.

1 region create. Then, click “File”> “Output”, select ACIS format, and save it.

3, ICEM introduction: According to this way: Import Gemotery> Legacy> ACIS, the rest of the default.

After inserting, the figure will not be displayed in it. This is not a hidden problem. Suspecting is a lack of geometric information.

Note that ACIS should be noodle files, so the geometry after importing should include a surface. You can see the Surface in the model tree and delete it as needed.

third grid

  1. 2D Structure Grid] Open the ICEM and set the working directory. Then pour in your geometric files, set the part, set up blocks, associate points and lines, set mesh size, generate grid, transform into non -structural grids, export.

  2. 2

    Here, I tried two ways: one is no Build Topology, and the other is of course the Block after building Topology. Geometry, which has not established TOPOLOGY, exported the grid as shown in the figure below without a linked line before. After that, it is re -associated. There is no problem with the generating mesh export. The problem is solved.

    and the Geometry, which establishes TOPOLOGY, does not have the problem in the figure below when there is no connection line. After the association, it will still occur. This must be considered whether the Topology is established first. It is understood that people will explain that they will return to the hospital tomorrow to verify whether it is caused by the problem.


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