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Announcement on closing the credit card recharge channel to the Alipay account
-This post was executed by Zihuo (2012-01-09)-
Dear users:

In order to further standardize and promote the development of Internet payment business, Alipay will follow

7 years


From201228, close the channel for recharge the credit card to the Alipay account. Alipay provides a variety of payment methods such as fast payment and online banking for credit card consumption. When shopping online, you can pay directly to the merchant through the above method, and daily consumption is more convenient and fast.
Thank you for your support for Alipay. We will continue to work hard to create a more pure and convenient online payment environment for users.

[Announcement] I want to pay for the transfer application will not support credit card payment starting from March 2, 2012(Details)
In order to regulate and promote the development of the Internet payment business, starting March 2, 2012, I will no longer support credit card payment for transfer applications such as payment and receipt. You can continue to use Alipay balance and savings card for transfer.

The products adjusted this time include:
Payment products: “I want to pay”, “Gift Gifts”, “Payment Rent”, “Make payment”
Cashier products: “I want to collect money”, “AA receipt”, “group receipt”

This adjustment, Taobao, Taobao Mall (Tmall) and other websites use Alipay payment (including credit card payment channels) without any affected.
Thank you for your support for Alipay.

Can I still use a credit card to shop on Taobao?

You are bringingCredit card small logoShop shopping, you can directlyUseCredit Card Express (including Cartoon), Online BankingCredit card paymentPayment limit is your card surface limit. When shopping without a credit card logo, you canUseCredit Card Express (including Cartoon), Online BankingCredit card payment,

The minimum payment limit ofmonthly payment is not more than 500 yuan。(View instructions

Can I still recharge Alipay?

You can continue to usesavings cardrecharge。(View instructions

Can I still enjoy the guarantee transaction?

Taobao shoppingContinue to enjoyGuarantee transactionservice, othersmerchants supporting guarantee transactionsis not affected. ((View instructions

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