LSATTR+Chattr command LSATTR Chattr command installation


LSATTR parameters
-a Display all files and directory, including the additional built -in character that starts with “.”, The current directory “.” And upper directory “..”
-d Show, the directory name, not its content
-R recursive processing, process all the files and subdires in the specified directory together
-v Display file or directory version
Chattr parameters
+ increase
= settings
A When the attribute A is set, the access time of this file (or directory) ATIME (Access) will not be modified, which can avoid the situation where the computer is easy to produce disk I/* o errors.

After setting a

a , this file will only increase the data without deleting. Only root can set this attribute
b The last access time of the file or directory does not update the file or directory
S This function is a bit similar to SYNC, which is to simultaneously write data into the disk, which can effectively avoid data loss
c After setting this attribute, it will automatically compress this file and automatically decompress when reading. But when storing, it will be compressed in storage(very useful for large* files)
d When the dump (backup) program is executed, setting the D attribute will make the file (or directory) have DUMP effect;+D can skip the file when backup(Eliminate the file or directory outside the dump operation)
i This parameter can make a file “” cannot be deleted, renamed, set links, and cannot write data. It is very helpful for system security
s When the file sets the S parameter, it will be completely moved out of this hard disk space
u is the opposite of s. When using the U configuration file, the data content can actually exist in the disk, which can be used to cancel delete(Prevent accident deletion)


[[email protected] ~]# chattr +i
[[email protected] ~]# lsattr

[[email protected]~]# RM -RF YUM.SH 
 RM: Unable to delete "": non -allowed operation[email protected] ~]# chattr -i
[[email protected] ~]# lsattr
[[email protected] ~]# rm -rf

[[email protected] ~]# ls


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