WIN32 program to activate the window of the previous startup program during startup

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TURTLE library is a very popular function library in Python language.

Imagine a small turtle, which starts with a coordinate system with X and vertical axis as X, and (0,0). It moves according to the control of a set of function instructions to move in this plane coordinate system, so as to be in it in this plane coordinate system, thereby Draw a graphic on the path of crawling

Next, we will use the TURTLE function to draw several cherry trees:

Description: The code uses a random function, so each execution process is not only dynamic, but also the results are different.

1. Dynamic generate cherry blossoms

result display: (This is dynamic, you will not do GIF, you can only show the result)

code is as follows:

Left branch deflection angle 
         d = l*(random ()*0.25+0.7) #The length of the next branch 
         #Right to a certain angle, draw the right branch 
         Right (b) 
         Tree (n-1, d) 
         #Left to a certain angle, draw the left branch 
         left (B+C) 
         Tree (n-1, d) 
         #Turn back 
         Right (C) 
         # #画 画 
         Right (90) 
         n = cos (radians (heading () -4))/4+0.5 
         Pencolor (n, n*0.8, n*0.8) 
         circle (3) 
         left (90) 
         #Add 0.3 times falling leaves 
         if (random ()> 0.7): 
             pu () 
             t = Heading () 
             an = -40 +random ()*40 
             setheading (an) 
             dis = int (800*random ()*0.5 + 400*random ()*0.3 + 200*random ()*0.2) 
             Forward (DIS) 
             setheading (t) 
             # #画 画 
             pd () 
             Right (90) 
             n = cos (radians (heading () -4))/4+0.5 
             Pencolor (n*0.5+0.5,0.4+n*0.4,0.4+n*0.4) 
             circle (2) 
             left (90) 
             pu () 
             t = Heading () 
             setheading (an) 
             backward (dis) 
             setheading (t) 
     pu () 
     backward (L)#Return 
 BGCOLOR (0.5, 0.5,0.5)#background color 
 ht ()#Hide tultle 
 Speed (0)#speed 1-10 gradual, 0 fastest 
 tracer (0,0) 
 pu ()#p 
 backward (100) 
 left (90)#to 90 degrees left to 90 degrees 
 pu ()#p 
 backward (300)#back 300 
 Tree (12,100)#recursively 7 floors 
 Done (Done ()

2, fall effect cherry blossom

result display:

code is as follows:

From TURTLE Import * 
 From Random Import * 
 From Math Import * 
 DEF TREE (n, L): 
     pd ()#lower pen 
     #Shadow effect 
     T = COS (Radians (Heading ()+45))/8+0.25 
     Pencolor (t, t, t) 
     Pensize (n/3) 
     forward (l)#Draw branches 
     if n> 0: 
         B = Random ()*15+

3, dark effect cherry blossoms

result display:

code is as follows:

from turtle import *
from random import *
from math import *
def tree(n, l):
    t = cos(radians(heading() + 45)) / 8 + 0.25
    pencolor(t, t, t)
    pensize(n / 4)
    if n > 0:
        b = random() * 15 + 10
        c = random() * 15 + 10
        d = l * (random() * 0.35 + 0.6)
        tree(n - 1, d)
        left(b + c)
        tree(n - 1, d)
        n = cos(radians(heading() - 45)) / 4 + 0.5
        pencolor(n, n, n)
bgcolor(0.5, 0.5, 0.5)
tracer(0, 0)
tree(13, 100)

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WIN32 program to activate the window of the previous startup program during startup

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