Porcelain Engine Q & A Q & A (1) Celadon engine can not use anymore


Since the launch of the celadon engine in mid -December 15th, it has received the support and recognition of many developers’ friends. During the use process, we also encountered some problems. Everyone shares, I hope to make progress with everyone.


4: How can the celadon engine get started quickly?


1, need a certain JavaScriptBasic, if there iswebfront -end development experience is better.
2, understand the “component -oriented” programming idea.
3, you can get the official user manual first, then pressGetStartHelloWorldprojectStartUpproject, etc.) Follow it.
4, look moreofficial Demo(most functional points are involved), do it.


Q: How to support the celadon engine at the same timeWebGLCanvas

in Android, selectWebGLrendering orCanvasrendering? What kind of pits are there?


The engine will automatically determine whether the current browser supportsWebGLAccelerate,If you support it, choose webglrendering,Do not support the default useCanvas,Of course, you can also force the rendering method to specify the game.


如何: How to test the game running on the mobile phone through remote logs?



engine provides the following remote debugging function:
1, willtrace The function of sending to the remote log server can make the code in the codetrace Send to the designated server for remote displaytrace, used to track and debug games.
2, serverconsoleInteractive functions with the client script environment, you can query and update the client script environment online.

refer to the following article “Remote Console Decent” section


如何: How to communicate with the server(httpwebsocket)


Officially providedserverCommunicate plug -in, the plug -in supporthttp andwebsocket communication function.
For specific documents, please refer to the official user manualhttp://docs.zuoyouxi.com/manual/Plugin/ServerCommunicate.html


如何: How to configure the code automatic prompt?


Add the core package of the celadon engine to the core package QC-Core-Debug.js in the webstorm, and you can automatically prompt the code.
Other third -party editors that support automatic prompts can also be added to this package.


发: How to open the gameApplication Cache Function?


Project->Setting Lieutenant GeneralApplication Cache option hook, clickApply Effective. After the release of the game will be thereStartGame.html 6 6 6 6 6 6qici.appcache, andStartGame.html will increasemanifest=”qici.appcache” 
1, the server does not.appcache fileMIME Type, you need to add its type totext/cache-manifest
2, the server is wrong.appcache file cache

For more questions and answers, please refer to:http://wenda.zuoyouxi.com/

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